Are you a teacher that use Inspera for online examination? You can now export (see here) the marks and grades from Inspera to a csv-file and then scrutinize that file by this tool!

In short: InsperaX is a "marks and grades"-scrutinizer!

InsperaX displays the csv-file in various histograms. One main histogram and one additional histogram for each question.

In the histograms, each bar shows a certain mark (score) and how many candidates had that mark. The colors of the bar indicate the grades of all those candidates who had that particular mark.

You can also select a range of candidates in any histgram and see the same candidates hilighted in every other histogram. This means that you can follow up candidates that, for example, has failed on some particular question to see how well they did on the other questions.

You may also open several csv-files to follow up candidates from one exam to another. This is made possible by Inspera's internal user ID that remains the same for each candidate across multiple exams.

Privacy Policy

We care about Your privacy! InsperaX does not collect any data. It does not even connect to the Internet, no network access is required to run the tool! It does not even save anything to your computer!